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A new strategy in the recruiting space

Principal Alisa F. Levin speak with The American Lawyer about data analysis, and if it is beneficial to the recruiting process.

Click the link to learn more: Law Firms’ Emerging Weapon in Talent Wars: The Moneyball Strategy


Shifts in the compensation system and what it means for the lateral market

Principal Alisa F. Levin talks with The American Lawyer about recent changes in lockstep compensation system and how it will affect firm culture and lateral moves in 2022.

Click the link to read more in The American Lawyer: The Latest Cravath Exit Becomes Early Signal of 2022 Lateral Market


 The legal market in 2022 will remain red-hot!

Principal Alisa F. Levin speaks with Business Insider about the “frothy” market and hiring predictions for 2022.

Click here to access the Business Insider article.


The Israel Policy Forum Honors Alisa F. Levin

Principal Alisa F. Levin was the honoree at this year’s annual event hosted by Israel Policy Forum. Israel Policy Forum works to advance the goal of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and build support in the American Jewish community. Alisa is the Secretary of the Executive Committee at Israel Policy Forum and was recognized for her continued leadership and efforts to ensure Israel’s future as a democratic and Jewish state.

Click the link to watch: Alisa F. Levin Tribute Video


Is M&A slowing down? What does this mean for associate hiring? Find out what GLS thinks!

Principal Alisa F. Levin comments on the trajectory of the transactions space, and how it will affect hiring needs in parallel practices. 

Click the link to learn more: The American Lawyer


Weil’s Alumni Newsletter Featuring Principal Susan Kurz Snyder

See Principal Susan Kurz Snyder as a featured speaker in Weil’s June 2021 Alumni Newsletter video segment. Susan spoke with Weil’s Director of Practice Management, Erica Busch, during their “Beyond Weil Career Exploration Initiative” to discuss search tips for in-house legal positions.

Click the link to watch the full video: Beyond Weil: Search Tips for In-House Legal Positions



Business Insider names Greene-Levin-Snyder as one of the “top legal recruiting firms to know if you are looking to make a move”!  

Principal Alisa F. Levin speaks with Insider about the “roiling” market and what makes GLS stand out in the legal recruiting industry.

Click the link to access Business Insider’s article and learn more: Law firms are on the hunt for new hires. 

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